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Charitable Organizations

Leaders of Religious Groups, Non-Profit Organizations and other Civic Associations find themselves in the unique position of acting as a fiduciary for their organization. The volatility of the stock market over recent years, coupled with the heightened responsibility that comes with managing the assets of the organization, has led many groups to seek professional investment management.

Whether your organization has accumulated significant assets over time, has had assets bequeathed to them, or is in the process of raising funds for future endeavors, we at Burns Matteson Capital Management understand your responsibility and have developed unique services to address your specific needs.

Our process includes:

Initial meetings to learn about the mission and philosophy of your organization.

Working with you to create an Investment Policy Statement, which outlines appropriate investment guidelines and procedures, given the culture and objectives of your organization.

Implementation of the investment strategy, once a consensus has been reached with your various committees and/or Board of Directors.

Regularly scheduled review meetings with your organization to monitor the portfolio and address other financial issues facing your organization.

Our role is one of a “Financial Quarterback” for your organization. Just like a quarterback leads the football team, we lead a team of sophisticated, experienced professionals for our clients. We can work with your existing advisors or assemble a team on your behalf from our network of trusted professionals.


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